AJIO Wallet Terms & Conditions

1. AJIO Points Based Registration Program

AJIO Points based registration program is a promotion that AJIO.com runs for its users. As a part of this program, when a user registers on AJIO.com, we will credit up to 500 AJIO Points into the user’s account.


1. What part of the order Value can the customer pay using AJIO Points?

The customer can pay his entire order value using AJIO Points excluding taxes and shipping charges. These points are 100% redeemable for Order Value above INR 500.

Example: If the order value is ₹699, out of which the item cost excluding taxes is ₹500, taxes are ₹50 and shipping charges are ₹149 and if the customer has 500 AJIO Points in his account, then the customer needs to pay only ₹199 through other payment options.

2. Can I pay part of my order using AJIO Wallet?

Yes. AJIO Wallet is just another Payment mode.

3. How long are these points valid?

These points are valid for 7 days from the time of registration post which these points will appear in expired state in the user’s ledger and they cannot be redeemed.

4. What happens when the user Cancels or Returns?

When the user cancels or returns the product, the points get re-credited to the user’s AJIO Wallet in active or expired state depending on the original expiry duration of the points while they were credited to the user’s account.

Example: If the points were credited on 1st July and if the expiry was on 7th July and if the user cancels the order on 8th July, then the points will be shown in user’s wallet as expired. Similar rule applies to returns. Note that for returns, the points get credited back to the wallet when the return request is processed and not when the return request is created.

5. Where can I view My AJIO Wallet details?

You can view your AJIO Wallet under the My Accounts section.