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Fitbit makes fitness fun! Count your steps, track your progress, receive alerts and get healthier on-the-go with sleek and trendy activity trackers. Browse through Fitbit Alta, Fitbit Blaze, Fitbit Aria and other great models to find your new workout pal!

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All the incentive you need to get healthy

Featured on AJIO is a handpicked collection of Fitbit devices – a range of fitness trackers that adds fun to the journey towards a healthier lifestyle. From multi-sport fitness watches that monitor heart rate and perform functions such as call alerts, message notifications, music control and calendar reminders to a super smart Wi-Fi weighing scale that measures body mass and sends statistics directly to the user’s account, Fitbit is the perfect training buddy for keeping track of your goals and helping you stay motivated – all this while looking stylish!

Look fashionable while getting fit

Set your fitness goal and receive friendly reminders throughout the day to help you keep moving towards achieving your daily step count or desired calorie burn. The sleek Fitbit Alta is stylishly slim and comes with a host of features, including an elegant OLED display that comes to life with a single tap, allowing you to view your stats for the day. Celebrate achievements when you get an alert on reaching a daily target or goal!

Listen to your heart

Fitbit devices use PurePulse technology to monitor your heart rate during workouts, helping you to train in the right zone for achieving the maximum benefits. Choose from the smart and bold watch-like Fitbit Blaze with interchangeable bands and a customisable clock face or opt for the stylish Charge 2 fitness band with a sleek steel buckle or the Surge Fitness Super Watch with multi-sport functionality. Keep track of your heart rate to get best results you can ever achieve!

Don’t let anything weigh you down!

Bring the weighing scale out of hiding! With advanced technology that is designed to help you work towards leading a healthier lifestyle, the Fitbit Aria is a weighing scale that you won’t ever want to avoid. The smart scale uses bio impedance analysis to measure bodymass and uses the home Wi-Fi network to send stats wirelessly to your Fitbit account. What’s more, it can recognise and display data for up to eight different users, making it the perfect device for keeping the entire family healthy. Weighing scales have never looked so sophisticated with the sleek glass surface and classy backlit LCD display.

Choose the stylish way to get fit and stay healthy with Fitbit devices.