Get a slice of the action with GoPro

Whether you’re an adventurer at heart or just plain outdoorsy, there’s no better reward than being able to capture and replay life’s sunniest moments. Show off your latest sky diving or bungee jumping exploits; replay the time you rubbed shoulders with Poseidon’s creatures under the sea, or simply capture life in motion and share the footage with the amazing range of GoPro gadgets and accessories on Ajio.

Capture once-in-a-lifetime experiences with GoPro Action Hero 5

If only your memory were a camera that could capture, store and share your most thrilling experiences or close encounters in the wild! Well, the good news is that GoPro session cameras allow you to record your action sequences hands-free using voice commands. Get blur free images even when you are freefalling towards the earth at high speed during a skydiving or bungee jumping adventure. Say hello to the fishes when you go deep sea diving and catch them on camera waving their fins right back at you. With advanced features such as water resistance up to 33 feet, 1440 pixels per inch resolution and single press recording, this is one gadget you won’t ever want to leave home without.

Keep your hands free

When you are ready to take on the world, it’s always advisable to have your hands free. GoPro Hero comes with a versatile range of accessories that allow you to stay safe while living large, using your hands for more important things than holding video cameras to record your journeys. Give your GoPro prime position on your head with the option of either a front mount or a side mount on the adjustable head strap. Alternatively, hold it close to your heart using a chest mount harness. For riders, whether it’s a minute-by-minute video of a personal best timing at a cyclathon or the beautiful scenery along the way on an early morning route, the handlebar camera mount does the job excellently.

Box it in style

Travelling with electronic gadgets often poses a challenge as everything needs to be easily accessible but stored securely. GoPro features on Ajio online a collection of compact pouches, three-way tripods and easy to access spares, making life on the road virtually stress free. Carry your favourite GoPro Hero in a stylish case that blends function with fashion. The hard exterior shell of the case protects your gear and is light and weather resistant. Within it lies a convenient, soft, removable pouch that can be carried everywhere for getting out accessories when you need them.

Lights, camera, action!!

So, let the adventure begin!! Browse through the exciting range of GoPro gear and accessories on Ajio. Customize the accessories to suit your requirements, and get set to be an action hero in a movie that is scripted, directed and acted out all by you!